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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory requirements are common across virtually all commercial and non-profit sectors.  A managed security service helps automate compliance and increase security posture.

Real-time Analytics

Firewall logs are voluminous and tedious.  A real-time analytics dashboard enables you to cut through the noise, and focus on the specific activities and patterns that matter to you. All in real-time, at your fingertips.

Powerful Alerting

IT managers and administrators are busy, so you need alerts that do not waste your time with false positives.  Create customized alerts that are precise, and reduce the time you spend reacting.

Enhanced Security

A Managed Security Service gives you unprecedented insight of your network activity and anomalous behaviour, through firewall log analysis.  Put that knowledge to work and start listening to your firewall.

Firewall Log Analyzer Dashboards

  • Completely customizable dashboards to suit any Managed Security monitoring needs.

  • Every widget refreshes in real-time and shows trailing event log activity.

  • Maximize any widget for even greater detail!.

Security Event Log Drill Down

  • Detailed real-time event drill down gives you unrivaled insight on current network activity.

  • Every event is uniquely color coded and matched across widgets and data grids. Log inspection has never been this simple.

  • There is no easier way to monitor your firewall!

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