Subscribing to the Firewall Analyzer is easyFirewalls consume ONE (1) credit per month to remain active.  You must maintain a positive credit balance at the firewall’s sign-up anniversary each month. 

Credit deduction is done automatically with no user action required. Just keep your credit balance topped up and you’re good to go!

Every Firelytics account is activated with ONE (1) FREE credit.  All Firewall Analyzer accounts include these and many other features:

  • Unlimited real-time Sensors and Alerts
  • Unlimited PDF Reports both in-app and by e-mail
  • Unlimited real-time Widgets and Dashboards
  • Powerful Historical Analysis and Drill-down Forensics

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1 Credit Pack
$25 ($25.00/credit)
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6 Credit Pack
$129 ($21.50 / Credit)
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12 Credit pack
$239 ($19.92 / Credit)
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