There are a lot of options available to the SMB enterprise in managing IT systems, and in particular managed security. The emergence of powerful integrated appliances such as Unified Threat Management firewalls enables organizations to keep pace with the ever growing threat landscape.

However, IT staffs that are managing extensive computing resources already are often overcome by the inherent complexity of managing security as part of their daily tasks. An attacker or other malicious entity needs only exploit a single vulnerability, while IT staff must watch and mitigate ALL risks and not over look a single one. Hence, do-it-yourself (DIY) model of managed security is the riskiest since around-the-clock vigilance isn’t possible. For example, every alert generated by a firewall log analyzer that goes unnoticed or unresolved can heighten the risk of a breach or data loss.

Even by adhering to best practices and sound management, in-house managed security operations teams can only address a portion of the actual threats faced by the enterprise. IT management organizations need information about what is happening at the perimeter at all times, and has access to that on-demand and the ability to consume the data and act on it.

Few organizations can find that caliber of expertise that rivals a managed security service provider. Fewer still can afford to staff their bench with full-time talent, where as a managed security service provider will be staffed entirely with this talent.

Some examples of benefits of managed security services include ways to better protect your organization; a good managed security service provider will:

● Only focus on security, they’re only job is protecting your network and not other IT services.

● Gain intelligence from managing security of your network and a broad array of other clients; thus providing visibility through experience and accumulated insights.

● Monitor your network 7 x 24 x 365 and provide management advice and managed security operations services that mitigate risks at all hours.