Analyze User Browsing Behavior


User specific details on users browsing behavior overtime correlated with productivity data helps you identify loopholes that you can plug.


Web Content Categorization

Monitor and record exactly which sites your users are visiting. You can view all users browsing patterns according to their IP address, or  username names if your firewall supports authenticated logins.


Track browsing patterns by time and content visited. Are your employees using company resources for personal activity when they should be working? View full drill down of domain and server content pages visited, actually visit the same pages that they did!


These results can be combined with active filter rules management and even alerts to allow modest usage but notify you when excessive abuses occur.


View specific categories (like porn, shopping, mail, games); view the specific user accessing each category and at what times. Remember these views are not cast in stone, create your own or modify the existing ones as you wish.