Unmask Rogue and Unauthorized Application Usage!


Protocol Analysis helps you discover all activity crossing your perimeter. Enterprise applications, web apps, social networking applications, IM/P2P, databases, and file transfer protocols can all be identified. Get detailed insights into your traffic usage, including VPN activity and even low level inventory analysis of your network.


Heterogeneous Real-time Monitoring

Monitor security events across entire range of applications, ports and protocols on your perimeter. Events are captured and rendered according to their event log category, regardless of port, such that traffic cannot hide in non-standard ports. All ports and protocols are monitored in real-time, enabling true heterogeneous broadband traffic inspection.


VPN Reporting

VPN connections are potentially dangerous entry points in any network, because they may allow direct access to computers holding sensitive and valuable corporate or personal information. With this service you can view both historical and current traffic for the protocols used by VPN connections- IPSec and SSL.


Asset Viewing

As an administrator, identify all existing and new assets on your network that are communicating internally or externally. You can list by server name or by IP address. This means Firelytics can also act as a first-level inventory tracker for your network.