Detailed, Insightful 360-degree Situational Awareness


Visualize, analyze, isolate. Get the information you need on any of these metrics by source or destination IP address, source/destination port and protocol, event message, event categories and more.


Antivirus Reporting

Generate reports on thousands of different virus, worm, trojans, spyware, and other malware. Even better, identify their presence by exact location in the network- find out exactly which nodes are infected.


Spam Reporting

Generate correlated reports on email spam for all mail protocols. Firelytics also features intelligent spam tracking and reporting- the software can classify a sender or group of senders as spammers including analysis of their past email-sending habits.


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Reporting

IDS reporting allows generation of reports on hundreds of attack and anomaly signatures to help security administrators get a comprehensive view of intrusions and rule violations. Firelytics exploits the deep-packet inspection (DPI) capability of unified threat management devices to detect malware masquerading as genuine network traffic.


Restricted Activity Reporting

Produces analytic reports on hundreds of potentially unwanted or restricted activities. These are usually the sites that would be classified as time-wasting such as Peer-to-Peer (kazaa, edonkey, gnutella), Instant Messaging (AIM, Yahoo, MSN), VoIP (skype), torrent downloaders (azureus, utorrent, vuze), and many more. Of course, you can include or redefine what sites you classify as time-wasters.