Security Situational Awareness Must Be In Real-Time


Monitoring traffic as it flows is must be done in real-time. Incident response decision making must happen on-the-fly, not after reviewing a static hourly report, or daily or weekly.


Real Time is Essential

Reporting in a SIEM solution should be automatic and up-to-the-moment.  The only acceptable lags are latency in the network due to shuffling data around and the CPU cycles it takes to render it for you.  This allows you to see the traffic as it happens, understand what is happening, and act!


Get into a Trigger Sharp Security Posture

Real time situational awareness must enable you to maintain a constant state of readiness. You need to know what you don’t know! A complete Firewall Log Analyzer solution will capture EVERYTHING, even when it doesn’t know what the traffic is specifically.  When configured with effective real-time alerting, you  are able to assess abnormalities before they become compromises.