Why Firewall Analytics Needed Re-inventing


In-house solutions are sometimes the right choice for many IT functions, Firewall Log Analysis is not one of them.

Here’s why.


It All Adds Up!

In the age of the agile enterprise, dedicating IT staff, rack space, and electricity to systems outside your core competence is incongruous. Add to that regular maintenance costs and expensive software licenses and your CFO will start to ask questions!  SaaS solutions are proven to be cost-effective budget savers.


Firelytics is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Firewall Monitoring and Analysis service that gives you real time security intelligence and enables you to get insights which you can act on immediately.

Who Is Minding The Data?

When you store security event data in a local firewall analyzer, you are only as good as local security. However, if that security is compromised, what assurance is there that the firewall analyzer is not compromised as well?  Storing data offsite and using analytics in the cloud removes the risk of losing valuable evidence.


Who Will Sound The Alarm?

Alert notifications are an integral and essential part of a firewall analysis solution.  This function also requires complete health and constant up time to be effective.  For the same reason that locally stored security data is at risk, so is the ability to notify (if it even exists in an in-house solution) in the event of a compromise.