This is a hosted service, right?

That’s right. Nothing to download. No appliance to fit into your server racks. Configure your UTM appliance and you’ll start seeing live security event data as it happens.

What do you mean UTM?

Unified Threat Management. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on this class of devices. In a world of multi-channel attack vectors, in our humble and informed opinion, an UTM Firewall is the only reasonable protection to your network perimeter.

What about non-UTM firewalls?

Non-UTMs don’t give you a 360-degree view of your security posture. Without that its like the blind leading the blind. We can tell you something but nothing intelligent enough to take an informed decision.

So you are something like Google Analytics for Firewalls?

Absolutely. An UTM syslog spews out so much valuable security information. Firelytics eats it and lets you lunch in peace! But seriously, we make it easy for you to understand your security data. You don’t need to be a security black belt to use our product.

Which UTM devices will you support?

We currently support Fortinet’s line of UTM firewall products and are furiously working on several others, including SonicWall, Cisco ASA, Checkpoint, Astaro and Sidewinder. Please see our supported devices page for more details. Also, if you haven’t done so already sign up to our mailing list to know when we release support for your firewall.
Any other questions? Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you and you can expect to hear from us within one business day. You can also browse through our support section’s Knowledge Base or submit a Support Ticket for technically oriented queries.

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